tisdag 31 augusti 2010


A post about Theology, should reasonably try to clarify the question What is Theology?

Strictly speaking the word theology means a word about god. It is an umbrella reaching a vast span of disciplines and schools of thought that is somehow involved in philosophical questions that involve somehow believing in a higher being/principle/purpose of life, that cannot be summed up without reference to some kind of nonmaterial force or person.

The theology I address in this blog, is of a specific kind. I mainly travel the waters of what is known as Political Theology. This doesn't mean that it is the theology of particular christian democratic parties (or anything of that sort). It means however, that theology is addressing some core questions regarding what it is to be human, and therefor it follows that it has political implications.

Below I've gathered some posts that I think are significant reading from the blog.


Min något o-ortodoxa följetång Analys VAL 2010
Moderaterna - och Goodchild's Theology of Money

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