tisdag 27 april 2010

Deliver Me


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Thanks to Anji Bee, who brought the release to my attention. :)


fredag 23 april 2010

När jag får barn ska jag aldrig...

Jag kom just att tänka på den idén; allt man föresätter sig att aldrig göra - sånt som ens föräldrar gjorde när man var liten. Men. Borde inte fokus egentligen ligga på det omvända? Alltså, det man verkligen ska göra. Att basera sin barnuppfostran på en massa aldrig-göranden blir ju till slut en barnuppfostran med en massa hål och luckor. Och vad fylls dessa luckor med? Om det inte finns någon uttalad policy om vad vi faktiskt tänker oss att göra, då riskerar aldrig-tänkandet att bli upphov till just en massa "experimentuppfostran", och troligtvis utgöra det som våra egna barn i sin tur specifikt kommer ta aldrig-avstånd ifrån.

När folk säger "tänk positivt", skulle jag vilja komma med ett förslag. Tänk positivt i meningen icke-negerande, inte positivt som peppad-i-onödan. Om våra föresatser är formulerade i ordlag om sådant vi ska göra (positivt) istället för sådant vi inte ska göra (negativt), så väljer vi en medveten rutt i förhållandet till våra barn, istället för att skapa tomrum där sedan lite vadsomhelst-för-tok smyger sig in.

Eller vad tror ni?


onsdag 21 april 2010

Make money... or maybe no?

In order to stay true to my recommendations I'm working to get the first Rakkaus release up on Spotify. However, as it probably well established by now, people don't actually make any kind of reasonable living off of Spotify. Below is a link to a pretty interesting article, stating that in order to make the equivalent of the US minimum wage in a month, your song would have to be played 4,5 million times on Spotify that month, to generate the equivalent revenue. For some releases however, I would earn both the "label" and "artist" revenue; it probably only would take me 3,5 million plays. :)
So basically, if you - like me - live in an industrial country and happen to like the music we're putting out on Rakkaus: Please muster the 4 euros/dollars/pounds to buy the first release. You may off course listen with Spotify (as soon as the people at Spotify choose to publish the tracks me and my distributor has in fact already supplied them with) as well or as a substitute. But at least now you know the score.

Sincerely yours

lördag 17 april 2010

Rakkaus Records Premieer!

Yes, it's finally time for the first Rakkaus Records release! After more than a year in the works, things have finally been set up, put into a sequence of releases and processed through the proper systems in order to reach you a finished digital product!
The first release on the label is PINKU VÄÄTY: LILI & SUSHI EP.
This four track EP ranges from the glitchy, deep and playful Maguro Kara Age and Päivärinta, onto some more spacious lush electronica in Terminal Building, on still to end in something that's a little bit more of a mix of both the bass-heavy components and the electronica vibe.

You'll find it at iTunes or Beatport (and about 80 other shops and digital delivery systems).

I wish you all the best,
and that this release - and the many more that will follow - will find you well!

/ Jonatan

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onsdag 14 april 2010

Music tip without Spotify

I saw legendary electronica duo Autechre on easter sunday in Gothenburg. It totally blew me away. It was like getting run over by a truck, but the most imaginative amazing truck you can imagine! Now, I'm listening to their new album OVERSTEPS which deserves to spin in my iPhone for a long time ahead.
That's the good and bad thing with Autechre - it's really not music that fits the digital format, where you get a 30 second snippet to listen to, in order to make up your mind. Their music is like nothing else. And they're very much a no-hit-wonder. It's music that grows on you, big time. And there's no hit factor, no 30 sec excerpt can do it justice. So give it a chance to do itself justice, and let it grow on you until you're thankful that you also let the wonderful musical truck that is Autechre run you over!

tisdag 13 april 2010

Can a feminist get married?

That was the headline of an article in Swedish evening mag Aftonbladet. The answer is: Yes, I already have, once. :)

Seriously though, there was a portion where some (other) feminists seriously proposed that it wasn't possible to get married in church, because of the partriachal history of it. This is like saying I wont wear clothes, because of the partiarchal history of clothes. Few would propose that blue jeans today would have anything to do with signalling that you're a full blown souther state cowboy who opress native americans, although jeans were invented to suit the needs of cowboys.
If the attitude is, nothing good can comes from anything that has a connection to a history, then we are not only stuck - we also utterly fool ourselves. It's simply not possible to disconnect from history. You may think that the church or christianity altogether is patriarchal, but the fact remains that many modern values and many ways that europeans and americans see the world, are deeply intertwined with religious perspectives regardless of whether we think that we hold them or not.
To rule out church weddings on said basis, is not to be a feminist. It is to be a conversative, not only opposing change, but thinking that it is an actual impossibility. I think nothing could be further from the truth. Change is going to come (and is happening everywhere, all the time). It may not always be pleasant or easy to figure out new modes of living together in a changed and still ever-changing world. Be that as it may, it is still our only option.

lördag 10 april 2010


I've deliberately tried to keep my gig-count low this season, because I have been busy with other things (theology, family, setting up my label etc...). So it's a good thing that when I do perform, it's in lovely places like Moment yesterday. Thanks to all you guys who made the evening possible - both promotors, organizers and all the happy wonderful people who arrived! Thanks for everything, and I hope to return soon to Crakow!

Yours truly

torsdag 8 april 2010

Cracow, here I come!

Hi good people of Poland!
Friday night - 9/4 - I'm playing in Cracow, so if you're there or in a nearby city, please come on down and let's party together! Hope to see you all there.


onsdag 7 april 2010


Yesterday there was no energy left for cooking (imagine that), so pizza it was.

And my warmest recommendation for a slice of pizza topped with Gorgonzola: Terra Andina, a really nice and even more nicely priced Chilean wine: 80-ish kronor or so...